fine. out turned everything and i walk away smiling a new evolutionary direction forgetting that i exist nightly spreading dna on you with a sense of an ending however, i associate this compound sex stable and in control past dehydration point expressing love with no distraction after all, iam not looking for an algorithm but in a way it’s all connected it might not make sense is my interest the definition of “too much” chrysanthemum kisses keep working through romancing the apocalypse heroic dose not sneezing remember how we felt it necessary a considerable amount of attention “work” encyclopedia inclusive measures libra rising unending chorus liquid personality triumphant body non-place notion abolishment of distance as though the protest exists solely on the internet at this point, it is common for opinions to diverge today, we may call that “unstable” such is the modern novel everyday ordinary “meaning,” “freedom” separate from original destiny tension an audience encountered “we; “our” possessive adjective fi rst person plural repeated observation of life again and again how our concept of the future changes ambivalent discourse of traditional formats of study every day ritual logic am i referencing witchcraft? anticipation and desire and vivid awareness faintly existing in the present isolated moments of intimacy democratic defi nition of happiness making the pleasure last future perfect tense thinking summer swimming a smile of award winning indifferent apology “oh, how she must have missed me” fennel fresh tongue merging seamlessly what a seducer whatever you want is what i want too green tea grapefruit peach affluent parent alfa romeo reading lorca leonard resembling a lion leonine a matador’s veronica two adulteries and a suicide at least not without an ulterior motive nobody can stay in the garden of eden the language of love and betrayal moon in cancer long weekend bank holiday “zahir” meaning “visible” what is to come beyond the persecutory a myopic passage of time process the future means “not drinking” mixing kombucha and beer that bicycle that needs fixing and how much i hate jazz something that needs an immediate response? is this urgent keys open doors gathering noise a brick-by-brick linear extrapolation immediate short term career goals beyond so far away i forgot it exists talking quietly unconscious reasoning referenced as “staggering” anxiety, despair, tedium tired of this timeless epic weaning off civilization seeking the beauty of nature cosmopolitan status busy isolation or is it the limitations i’m after eager to discuss experience twenty-seven twenty-six twenty-fi ve inherited programming fractal geometry the sexwork stays the paperwork vanishes always there on the tip of my tongue stubborn as all fuck when it comes to this a reasonably functioning member of society until i feel productive studying the gods walking fourteen miles slow intoxication warmth nearly forgotten suppress and sacrosanct the pagans which pray to females which the blade is idealized suspicious opinion structure against abuses in the future public account of abuse in the past engaging in sensible conversation suicide headaches 5-meo-dat a safe house institutionalized design mkultra saturday sunday monday come pick up paintings jacket pocket probably it must be in a drawer somewhere did i lose my passport how to organize the kitchen macbook air craigslist ad schedule iv drugs listening to plants liquidation prices it’s become too project like back in serotonin overdraft stereotypical “never happens” yet somehow still thirsty happy and alert desirable and stinging part of the plan continued recording journalistic attention to detail sustaining that tension breathing through my nose change my diet from “pizza” and “not eating” lazy, distracted always feeling some sort of sick or close to home, rather yet preferred to “stay home” praising the fieldwork in photographs detail observed later will turmeric be helpful my lower back hurts again a good ironic reversal beginning legibly and ending in scribbles Sorry, SO nosy sometimes blurry during going to make this public eventually quiet voice please, honey hold my hand are you going to kill me? in reference to the unknown staring full concentration i cover my face ashamed at my neediness landing or arriving somewhere restless energy becomes anxiety for as long as you can serious scent investigation the prayer position it seems more than fair a disco nap and withdrawing personal support breaking the thread of return the surface of this volume required belief understanding the pleasures of home deviant intellectual working exercising more sleeping better eating healthier conceal these contents hyper focused note taking sit in stasis, waiting “fl be there soon, i just have to do this thing.” repulsed, but silent, because, how, except, i mean predatory behaviors a synonym for “bad” “meaning?” resisting language interrupting my continuous experience resolved with a sense of urgency a certain mental eff ort a paradox, maybe a concept we will name “recovery” as an artist although it would benefit me worried about the situation aware of the reality of tolerance absorbing inaccurate information “whole life” strenuously thinking about one's something else before veering off to become adjusting to death and it’s charger’s specific purpose working refurbished twice over frustrated with my 2011 macbook pro not at advertisements not at celebrities looking at the concrete suggested working 9-5 opposed “too explosive” on that particular work? can you imagine the amount of hormones written in obvious blood with it’s secret quran that secret mosque ill ask the question again legal mood-enhancers with disappointing results before sleep nonphysical activity lucid and focused addicts almost full-time work cinematic, if one can imagine “she fucked me with her fingers” the words are categorical ordinary vicissitudes anecdotal version easy to read eff orts to be decent people nonsense to our civilization traveling feels unprepared since the problem got worse and the roman revived greek ideas for fuck’s sakes can you translate this? that impossible to discuss shallow answers provided or however you spell it the ready to wear collection 28th cigarette of the day what are you looking so pensive for? seeking solutions for viable work discussing themes of polygamy in the sun lying in the park the guilt of wanting to read within our own agenda paradise: a modest proposal the crystals i've been collecting found incredibly irritating something happening and repeating [laughter] probably describing ‘consulting’ no lip injections no atkins diet no plans to meet in jerusalem no plans to meet in hydra what ecstasy means a landscape out of print glass jarred in different contexts kiss me on my spore prints ‘bad’ becomes ‘impossible’ resisting rational chronicle however we delineate it teaching english one of the many sequels to ‘hellraiser’ failing to interest a publisher fucking around unlikelihood one version some kind of influence hashtag “research” indirectly satisfying sensations tv white noise outline the word “real” violating discussed qualities recommended focus on experience but don’t light a candle for me basically, yes conventional wisdom, associated with pessimism rational thinking and some pheromone thing our neutral dna unlike any feeling i could recall never be alone forever again not a part of anything, no realization after the bliss, paragraphs, scenes, stories, characters controlled longing elaborated in for no concrete reason presenting the work unedited it was purely a sensation act luck and loneliness are very compatible don’t go / please follow what have you found in your research? be assured, my world view is a pretty one i always assumed life is short i think itll explain a lot of things discrediting former lovers in long form essays the prophesy proved space saving on good days it’s champagne we think of the test, a false positive east coast anecdote i do smell your absence jealous vacation heavy adjectives i just don’t care i am aware of elsewhere turn your head towards kissing me, please i do not go searching for that which i don’t want to see i feel like i might be losing it ooh la la organics not leaving your side never leaving mine off ended at the sentence of death naturally it looks better in photographs hold your chin up this is how it happens why, are you worried? does your nose bleed like mine? left eye dulled migraine vision i got a kick out of you oh you 0 you u vert i rouge e blanc a noir virtue and peace vision paris neck and lips let our noses collide painless something yet unmade say something about plants grown indoors i'm surprised i ever didn’t know you put your hair up in a utilitarian fashion, beautiful f] at loving matisse exacting love, you know being there, are you not somewhat of a tourist? topographically blind, apparently until you explain that which i don't see your breasts bearing no marks or scars landmark on both our maps careful smile lip dot distinguishing little by little, you realize that is how you smile completely normal tone absolute composure white rag shower at the bar before coming home i don’t even want to im just smoking because i’m bored take my photograph but don't do my laundry, please tomorrow has a wet dog smell to it intensity balanced in beauty of living and belonging in the world the same thing forever close the sheets over me lazy magician forgiveness rocks off , my love holy city eternity i'm in danger of repeating myself not now miss me, maybe reckless armchair subversive mistress dismiss me cavalierly without seeming pleased ceremonious guillotine speak “you wanted to know and now you cant stop looking” leather jacket surrender “all we do is talk” proof that time has passed parallel pleasure the words arranged themselves left to right as brief as it is usual decidedly occidental and discouraged, love i got that from my mom dizzy doom various upsetting thoughts yeah grim faced in a vintage guess sweater daydream disappearing with a shiver when i hear the tea pot hair two shades too light i’m aware i'm irritable in this fantasy on the beach probably sockless feet and you and me drinking warm white wine not me, i'm thinking spring a teenager makeup how-to video of a person never forget, one day you wont be beautiful to strangers postpone that moment in your notes keep your sadness at an arm’s length tired gestures made clumsy i have to stop looking late night memory disoriented bewildered declaration of love my territory yeah, vivre sa vie ican make myself feel as bad as i want nose running -3 degrees offi cially fragile penicillin useful masterpiece lost moodswing paradise sober honey baby do nothing better, has anyone ever grinned more than me? perrier and ice cream meaning it is sunday grocery list sleeping naked knees knocked fetishized good luck charmer writer’s wife where does one find a horseshoe in the city? mercy oh, just existing minor poet cashing a $1000 cheque the weather turns to fl urries you never know what may turn to be useful not bright colors but a blessing black shirt used as a blindfold that name still tastes like vomit to me a sobriety dream i had to see if i could pull it off asking all the suitors to leave a comforting message as if the demand is all too great lousy complexion cool and collected you can keep all your bad words for me blood rush useless adding sorrow to facts family sick and language barrier sense of things afternoon anxiety nap outside felt too harsh botanical garden climax trance until we're both sticky holding your legs up preventing a headache puntarelle everything radicchio double c’s and bitter greens central heat means no socks are needed upper thighs proust writing picabia verse on my back recent manicure sharp early morning marginal obscenity apocalypse understanding to pursued describing what is revealed when the veil is lifted go down on the dictionary with remarkable style take your desire seriously grow your hair long, zodiac messages taken under advisory clear crystal clock ticking toward the work day keep it honest, temporary andrea the hanged institutionalized refusal this one particular one this one against the background of another crisis the water i drink and the data i transmit you, the link i've been searching for metonymy instead of metaphor though i’m embarrassed to admit it staunch defender of our future saying nothing in particular sun and moon and stars gentle focus pathological self-conscious unapproachable confi dent dramatist rendered passive at first that’s how it is learning an undisputed absolute value per se resisting language i can’t be more clear in love with my lack of a dictionary new life easy not generic and you, so fucking great identifying avoidance as troubling clear, not interesting inventory, archive memory, again familiar things accessible only upon an encounter with a personal disappointment careful and rationalized categorization the condition of absence speculative realism unceasing work on obsession i agree to this without explanation hit the breaks in a different way whether or not you agree on our compatibility practical experiments or incidents you ought to know this utility, a great virtue and a big sky of course belong, betray, simplifi ed liquidation but what does the algorithm say? urgently clear, not interesting constant repositioning a matter of taste a permanent rehearsal the pursuit of self-improvement didactic and plain why i haven't been reading ranking academic systems we collaborate via skype, it’s what we pay the rent for knees down thinking staying skinny in the garden no, the writer and his four-minute mile threatened by the real change in contemporary writing skillful translation but where is my wealthy patron? bronze in birth too new, it’s understandable know what i mean? total absence, sugarless hands shaking pout, pouting the mercurial type no offense, i just hear and obey am i missing the appropriate paperwork? ah, i forgot to pay the rent yesterday time moves faster when you're unaware of the time the thought shatters and you wonder what time it is quick to slaughter trying to find the washroom in your mind you close your eyes and forget the layout of your old apartment, making a ‘krshnk’ sound indicating a crashing program having trouble with her pc, it keeps beeping and there is a fourty-something year old business woman and there is still snow on the ground now you sit in furious silence on a train heading south an emergency always and splitting apart having sex on a white leather sectional couch that keeps shifting again boxing up the past and starting a new life a literary event luck was certainly with us smiling at your reflection in the mirror plunged into perplexity i guess that makes sense prosciutto and brie stuck in your teeth, obsessive demand for carefree use peaceful sleep and pasture grass refi ned, idealized speeds up the process a secular way reinvented impulse for rescue in the word processing pool discarded, forgotten, damaged start, drop, resume right leg straight left leg bent a chore, a challenge off key sung cat eyes narrow concern shouldn't be there the memory not messy the kind that’s easy to cut ties with cold shower relationship i was surprised shed never brought it up before re-framed as a flaw raised very independently that one future self a white background with nothing else to soften it the age of inexperience a testament to it’s rhetorical power it doesn’t sound very fun as a joke, fi ngerpointing a generational thing just doing it right open success a couple of places worth complaining about restricted line of questioning no smiles or interest in small talk fi led with painkiller humility and a “failure” the results a “debacle” technically automatic response, you put the money in the machine and the candy comes out complicit mistrust the contours of sadness interoception in books i've read before increased episodes of paranoia a face that can change in an instant devotion gotcha wink, aroused calm in books i've read before seduced thought a setup peppered “no” answers no, not swimming eavesdropping in control feelings my young girlfriend and i and tomorrow not forever, just for today stress-less-ness loyalty rewarded with lots of scary work to do ok, big shot ambitious on paper gramsci, mussolini very agreeable translation squinting towards tomorrow still warm with sleep squeezed with all my strength we are talking about the same person wandering around the flat in an open shirt the glasses were delicate, so one of them broke free when convenient not exactly complicit no, no arguments i had decided to look serious thinking with my mouth open recognized wrong gaze kept pace that sounds about right turn around and state your name testify! i can’t describe my relationship with you june, july, august short week days off pile up you leave so early, most mornings 3 degrees doesn't tell me what jacket to wear i checked the weather on my phone instead of stepping outside you couldn't spend a lot of time trying to figure it out her head you couldn't help but sit and wonder what goes on in there, in that situation again and again, graciously suspicious avoidance like none of this ever happened a nasty habit symbolic surveillance still comes as a shock there is undoubtedly some truth to this 222 when you love your life, calm, cool, collected a very compelling scenario no illusions “how to declutter your life in 12 steps or less” in gullible research it’s only half a job when you love your job, personally terrifying potency compassionate maverick to irresponsible lunatic feel sorry for your brain, momentarily hmm? “you want me, come and get me” in such arush suggestive cynicism touching and youre not adjusting the weather report existing everyday severely the cat curls up on my feet a hard time understanding what i want the soft part of your wrist, that’s where the ink is the plants are nice, but we need the room darker you have my attention if things were diff erent id sell it all but the books never just coffee ready to spend the day with you i had changed my mind with convenience store flowers running after you not a sign, maybe a sign eroticism, ritualized embraced and holding no, never seen someone so beautiful features so radiant tranquil, enamel all things considered a fair compromise, a cute acute trauma in touch with the gods sabbath, black white, showing dirt thanks, doc i assume you're home in bed it was monday troubled movements something with my eyes closed working part-time imbalance, exactitude idea slightest hadn't probably a mistake suspicious, something minnows kinetic rivalry even if ill at ease never let it show suggesting value compassionate reaction industrialized speed the yoga of the west mythological hangover delightfully impersonal organic never considered not dying in the city lopsided popular nostalgia take control of the failing which we both agree read me judith butler quotes stay here with me, my sweet sky blue in the back brooding over the crucifixion shoot the portrait painter before?” to “not attempt great themes that have been tried many times digital camera narrator collective cultural memory sterile, deliberate both of these things ritualized suppression no argument recent the language at the time cold, at parts the imagination runs with what is hinted pleading struggle pathetic the whip, the english vice at the shrine of artemis orthia “diamastigosis” “voyant,’ seeing if your literary posturing insists define “misleading” for me, ma'am? do me a favor? the same way you get arrested in the 8th arrondissment the same way youd write about board games. “how do i write about sex?” self-mocking, smarter enthusiastic whenever fertility preferred burgundy not partial to bordeaux, himself, his past, his work essentially i panicked swift as it may appear fixed on a point when will i become serious about anything? writing about myself, angry and bored “the boy prefers poetry” practice made public shuddering into eternity and wherever else, i guess falling apart in fresh, innovative ways oscillating between new conceptual shenanigans practicing virtue paying my bills as performance art looking closer from the observer's standpoint an acceptable amount of anything other than what was intended quickly changing in real time somebody memorable on reflecting, what else? viewed quickly, silently i need convincing i need no understanding, wearing black from head to toe you've been waiting for this, being the second chance unbelievers being geographical the main point of contention continually working on something mysterious notice lol this ain't no poem, bro don't kiss me, i’m thirsty smashing pumpkins but not ava adore you had us and you lost us i've broken the cycle of task-based days and it hasn't helped me no, i need to focus. read. what if alexa gets lost or needs directions? but what if there is a terrorist attack? mostly to keep it out of my hands. i ask the bartender to plug in my phone, in handcuffs impressionism des idée recue and all the dogs are first walked (i guess) overdressed secret society open air opportunistic arthur leign allen zodiac fixated getting home seems like a struggle public dress rehearsal not of the city plastic and cheap and behind sunglasses running nose acknowledgment dies hard hypochondria among the ruins nothing worth reading minus the mascara erotic grammar leaving notes non american outpouring in the province of love hold my last words against me terrible things not experience appearance, there's no point you see romantic voyages those stories perhaps i’m sour today tourism both the people and the act, you know it doesn’t interest me the kind of people that go abroad a doctor and his wife you know sincere girl reading poetry, love it, excellent, good pr, not offending anyone white spray paint as the times change xerox every poem in book over original poem apo=generic did you hear that australian accent? yeah - oh! or yelp they're probably looking at google maps nobody needs that much things too many bags that’s how you can tell they aren't from here cider glistens and warming slowly ice melted sit in the shade in between my legs the tourists are out i’m reading tao lin she’s reading valerie solanis it’s sunny an essay about time killers the understanding that the day was over im sorry for being like this however you pronounce it viognier working class wines scowling, rightly, note writing, hand on my thighs am i understanding this right yesterday's viagra maybe still in your blood stream your optimistic dna the sun will come out tomorrow how fun. look! now they’re playing uno! well, it's encroaching on my enjoyment they’re just trying to enjoy the nice weather it’s not their fault it’s not hard to look at the menu though who asks for a budweiser on the patio a tourist told you! i don't give a shit and i certainly dont give a fuck relationships between the self and the self and the self and others a great bordeaux vineyard paid attention, spent attention? converting sugar into ethanol the flor works anaerobically, working for now defunct publications i would tally those days around 300 i've woken up drunk and kept drinking not including the days in which somewhere around 1200 hangovers i would assume i've technically had “drinking to get to drugs sooner” during a particularly bad period of i have only liked whiskey once - for like, three months just write about what you want to read it’s boring to write about your relationship with drinking i don't think there's any fruit in the house stomach ache probably hungry slightly shivering bingo ill cuddle the blanket instead of you let’s put the blanket between us i feel cold but your body is hot it gets hotter at night this time but maybe these sheets should be white i mean, i did recently i should buy new sheets i find it annoying not keeping my hair puffy like johnny thunders hairspray residue the sheets are covered in fi ne white fl ecks my feel smell like peanut butter best work when frustrated rethinking “cocaine, strangers” a meticulous organizing of already existing media a spanish handjob pressed against chest can we measure love in the hours of the day? the thinking derrida stripping god, a habit avoid the police station criteria and a new cocktail is born kombucha is added to everyone's pastis and water who’ house is the biggest i've seen in weeks after pissing off the only other person on our street a cop car trails close a rented malibu p-a-r-a-d-i-s “fm sorry you feel that way.” isn't “i love you” the appropriate response to the syntax gets abused afternoon no shower compromise the rain slows down yeah, not bad out loud 24 hours before payday it was a different time, cynical signs point to yes all this worship of trouble has me bored gin and tonic instead of mopping up not much i can do about that “gasoline, for sure” “no, gas.” “does it smell like fire?” i look up, i've been reading or a public washroom hair longer and i smell like you short legged dogs engineered to walk like people if not the only one noticing legs crossed defiantly as if something missing ha ha ha ha ha the bathroom, the kitchen, the linens talk dirty to me fendi mini mirror fendi all over print screen when we don't reach poetry we reach justice seriously dense and illusion destroying i'm not resisting hands up ideas, concepts struggling with words resisting sentimentality fetishizing progress when we say one is like the other it’s disloyal to both things talking about my life past tense a finite acknowledgment attitudes, gestures, movements unstable units a temporary sense of unity naming the fragments or as they seem things are as they are montage of attractions cut with the kitchen knife unfollow me if you disagree post-consumer trash heap debris identical, practically identical the iced-tea edition take two return to work genuine imitation abundance, plenty, multitude independent, empty, groundless “the same” buying it’s a complex system of bonding, transformational value, i don’t know a mixtape means sequencing that’s it thrifting, torrenting walking around on garbage day right click, view source shoplifting, if you’re good at it (i get a kick out of you) Ivmh, lhooq someone will buy it if you put it on a t-shirt, i have to have it! our sameness vitality of spirit bonding, desire the point where non-sensuous and sensuous converge your wrist, perhaps my fingerprints pressed into your skin, has been severed at a distance after the physical contact on each other continue to act with each other things which have been in contact a faithful copy: what we mean when we say i insist samadhi, enlightenment, duality then falling back the ocean emerging in a flash one suchness alikeness a likeness, and so on designation, construction no doubt desirable instead an effigy at all bearing little resemblance meaning voodoo doll resemblance i wrote it and since i'm writing this down “this is a book” what i mean is objects, subjects, emptiness a key concept is what am i proposing here? dependent origination dynamic traditions essence less ness no platonic essence a world of copies without originals well, im taking it very seriously how serious is the work being produced? criminal activity is endlessly modern imean, an expression it can be called original even if they're not true giving examples describing my methods a will and testament more or less a stunning revenge with a strong academic background iam very smart after all, i screenshot my witty talk and crave complex dessert i order simple coff ee you still mispronounce my name i've corrected you three times and tell me all the things you want to do heaven is an objective metaphor with you a sample, for example indexed formal vocabulary you lose if i win and vice versa etcetera i fold the paper again and again as the no-longer and not-yet antagonizing the other every me and every you cause there’s nothing else to do most poems die on the operating room table like you, like me too clever to be believed it’s like you're dead to me a more dramatic “now”? what was i talking about? memory? resisting arrest on a cloudy winter day envisioning the world in flowers and breezes and define mislead once again, could you? am i nervous in habit or repeating infinite loop? aggravated defensive but true getting things done grazing smugness future tense simultaneously, at once moving or standing still “oh boy, i’m ready” out of contempt for details missed a strategy for contrast more than a haircut, a shave the go ahead, depressing, bleak a game of cat and mouse in the grip of sentimental thoughts maybe it’s an accident maybe he’s born with it, “new poetry” all the french i can’t read a pen, no notebook with black curtains in the white room ive read better lines from eleven year old kids i've seen more prose in jellyfi sh imaginary women an american wants to go to bed with writing america without a lincoln tunnel feel free to say “hi” pulling my hair out if you see me with my head down here i risk ending on another cliche bias oh, certainty what that something was end of discussion now i find assertiveness daunting and white collar crime ive struck gold with a blank wall might i suggest privacy? slowly making my way through this life i don’t want anything else on the brightside, a balanced relationship that's it not precious totally blank that’s what my mom says of no origin green-brown eyes i'm sorry i'm mistaken i'm sweet im friendly in controlled situations i appear asthmatic obviously, make it memorable or whatever and pop my pimples you nuance the fl owers (dorian gray baby) so you look good i look awful all yr cracked iphone screens in heaven terminally googling that’s my name, don’t wear it out patient zero of my heart in that fur coat of yours i'll never understand what goes on “merci” pronounced “messy” 5-hydroxytryptophan is titling your poems as “poems” what we want to avoid people aren't going to like that ordinary things in detail flimsy sheer black lycra my heart gathers disasters at least for a while the real and ideal, zen and romanticism i should start by explaining the answer to your question there you have it; abandoned or overlooked iam busy, therefore i am good how late? how soon? certainty in certain examples “{ miss about you regularly” wearing the melody awkwardly who died and left you alone, huh? lol, ok but love me anyway my emotional cv on display what a statement is a proposition that’s a statement i want to be with you forever like “proposition” like just to make sure i am using them right when i am drunk, i google defi nitions of words i use extremely happy until further notice how to improve your writing in 12 passive aggressive steps $6,788,800. totaling with annual prizes there are 24,000 poetry awards why what and that’s why why i do these things doesn't understand the love of my life i return to the city and shower immediately i don't care for nature and its messes the whole syntax changes! if i censor it, clause itself after the of the main clause repeating the verb “j have been” “i was been,’ not it’s history i love looking at your face quiet because in the morning you smell a certain way life is just funny that way out of it is to work your way from existence the only way to jettison oneself those pre-existing will be built on top of and that new ideas there is already a system in place meaning working to code before i’m gone for good i'm learning to work faster everybody knows what you're talking about repeating lines from a film no point because there really is in participating there is no point since we are hysterical about the future taking viagra as an accelerationist act moon in leo moon in cancer, double spaced pages of my love for you memorizing hiroshima mon amour but i lost my train of thought i was going to write a poem about your eyebrows just be happy there's no spit on your life burger no exchanges tough luck, they say or kissed on the clock face i can’t guess what parts of your day are reserved a god of your extra time or worse or a stalin of the soul who could love a mussolini of the body i'm not sure if they follow the gregorian calendar there you belong to the east coast this week saying as jealous as the days on a calendar you own as the long love later on lay down i could be as jealous if mentioned dog bites exposed calf muscles all snowballs melt before tea time moisturize, plagiarize tending to dry skin and trying not to repeat myself but to where? suddenly disappears watching out the window until the big boy panhandling as it was already written crushed by destiny trivial repeated emphasis that which i cannot control describing these as “old” dead or dying “the facts” awareness cascading into that which is recorded ‘doing my job’ going unnoticed as just referencing collateral murder reframed well, or perhaps - reformed, now, while i consider myself and successful and focused to make me nice i should take drugs in a haunted house and twisted my ankle to send memes i stopped reading you'll be hearing from my lawyer no longer on a personal level you'll have your revenge’ ‘j have the proof, this works on paper, too working backwards on a chalkboard from tip to toes you see how heavy a horse is? novice knowledge yielding to my you know how to use these tools on my eyelids you breathe hot on top of everything else you weaponize kisses with three small dots between us through bulletproof glass a conversation exchanged not a problem not value the practice, of this style of writing the technical problems technique, every moment in detail “maybe” you told me looking to the whole, remembered everything real is my book while you help me write a broad illusion of control representing saturated in media savvy in the kitchen reduced to eating chocolate recent reports appearing ‘redacted’ in iam not a complete person yet not a problem not value the practice, of this style of writing the technical problems technique, every moment in detail “maybe” you told me looking to the whole, remembered everything real is at the end and wed both be smarter but wed have spent a lot of time together eventually ill die and we do this with frequency we read books and fuck on the couch one of my fantasies: so i will recall from something erotic too far i don’t want to stray repeating again a black screen of infinity sounding boring demanding tragedy with no tactile attractiveness is a boring companion the epic poem discreet and the romance remains derails the focus back to me poor social conduct to cover my face an unconscious impulse but i can not be sure what ‘something is happening’ indicating the hand moves in a manner the magician maintains or lace legs in nylon something professional essential is absolutely than that which nothing is more beautiful i mean - ritualized practice approaching a sequence of meaning as possibilities persist the aura decays on something significant if i am to focus as a professional courtesy ill send my regards as a lover of subtleties so i wander until i feel better no reason to hurry in the expanse of the ruins experience revealed section of the bedsheets sweating through my as a return to form enthusiasm manifests as alcohol that i'm aware of in any french translated novel that doesn't exist an erotic joy falling in love with the scheme of things dressed, rather than undressed of experimental behavior the specific methodology the symbolism of a river nothing familiar until they blur into a close up of a person the color blue in an idealized city an idealized figure and subverting continued pursuit salvaging playful practice and tradition observant in habit as constant as ever slacker to silent poet rendered redundant the lure of the foreign revealing the source of my inspiration avoiding touch and hands for secret beauty is cold feet poor circulation beyond coincidence aligning as facts in the pattern of every carpet? ifi read your name if i find you glowing? should i be concerned of actual content against the backdrop sober, deliberate closer to home of experiences found i believe in the promise public imagination symbolizing murder in the gin lime rocks tonic systematic modes of thought giving myself over to more but the dream still persists of everyday experience reporting back from the bounds k-i-s-s-i-don’t-know-what-that-is-supposed-to-mean seeing angels in a tree a burial ground focal point throughout the landscape an esoteric counterbalance ushering in a new-age mystery starting fresh allow me to start here as urgently required demonstrating political spirit as i rebrand in a popular form an excavation of the past the present recording among problems finding a place to begin is a problem demanding opposition noticed concerned with terms and agreements entirely colored with occult engagement i rarely stray these days a tale of two cities, ’m joking the meeting point of a number of ideas the product of a particular time the flaneur and the stalker tossed away) (brought home just to be anyways since it’s how i like to think of myself settling at the back of my fridge ican win almost any argument on leftovers after hours petrified of being alive don't think anybody noticed beyond me being my lecturing on the war was not well received fundamental no-love letters in the many years before (or loss) you're more remembered as photographs ‘you have got a lot of nerve!’ ever said no-one put on some piano music, (better to not think about it) so many silences per hour “j have always defended the skies of my youth” the undomesticated cat in my back pocket if not reasonably mine “the love from which i suffer is a shameful disease or ironing pants for no-one no more pencil marked pockets ah, ive gone vulgar again not repeating yourself is a good thing and then you remember why the repetition of repeating the thing itself what pleasure can be found in repetition except after all too much truth she has the sincerity of an empty room either lost it or never had it ever too close but that usually seems not no too close for comfort or side by across from uncomfortable seating arrangement side by side practicality again intolerable it remains severe i don’t know the ropes phantom suggestion bad faith voulpte cut your hair and change your luck kisses that go in quick and deep and turns face away quick staccato lip presses it doesn’t but it’s going to be cold today, i just feel it no way, it’s supposed to be 20 degrees tomorrow it'll be cold soon, jackets mandatory by 9:30 hold hands explain and then shoulder-bump-into my really good move: scent still clinging to sheets breath a sigh of relief with your storebought aggressive glasses guy work week in the less popular somewhere shocked to see that there is a place for me every day low prices receeding into fall back a little too late i think you jumped on the sly and unassuming bandwagon is kinda rude but i guess this specific instance is sort-of your deal and i understand that this whole upfront aggression but i still feel a subtle insulting forwardness to get me on a level plane and i understand youre trying it’s a tough situation whatever so it’s cool, yeah, i mean as last february and it’s the same and it’s february rubbed denim raw around this the meaning is somewhere clinging to rainy-day legs expensive jeans known for such opposing things repeat, iam stuck in patterned known (how many) first time in 13 days yourself you're woke up legs underneath so quick to change or slip exciting you does the sun stop fox for when a little longer making bike rides agreed shirtsleeves in sunshine springtime heat first week in out-stepping front-door open slips from bed 7oclocked or song in all quaking magic fox in a smaller city a seven or eight all blondes are sunset drawn right now “fm going to be late” and “{ think i'm losing it” for solidarity being slang ride or die it makes you mad because i know on airplane mode i put my phone that’s what the translation says well, or, i love you! hey! attention! hanging up over the phone before when you scream apologizes what are you saying escapist fantasies apocalypse scenarios late-in-life urgency with your do you think you are? who on earth one suffers so the other can thrive all the watches stop when the first brick was thrown chaos is me le desordre cest moi complete self-destruction contest the totality me kind of guy of the mind coney island i'm a godspeed you i love the calm now funny, that way in an art gallery a piece behind glass leaving the previous form we tessellate into a new concern and is moved away with ease everything happens for a moment the real is now so unreal but i loved watching quad overtime where i wasn't invested in either team game 3, okc vs trailblazers life is just funny that way “all votes are a vote for cops” i said but i still check the polling numbers with a sense of excitement i don't believe in voting i've lost most of my id and i never carry a wallet to never leave the bunker i'm content most days these days they work me up in way that nothing else does as unsettling as they may be in the moment i generally welcome these night terrors a hazy feeling and ‘i just know’ some nights i feel the bad dream before i fall asleep i wake up yelping i have reoccurring nightmares i fall asleep and wake up five hours later i don't dream “by the grace of god” i die in a vulgar style and undocumented fields intersecting at miraculous the obsessive ideal a self-help book the artist was too busy making money to comment imperfect incompletely transformed taking pleasure in everything repulsion blue, freedom, repeating: mystical tendencies first person plural it has to have a plot in a familiar bar as the situation crumbles ambient lights out i'm probably staring at my phone iam that’s just the kind of person of drinking chamomile tea i jack off instead in a desirable manner or rearranging a space or a walk porn is advil i think of porn when my head hurts less like me trying to make myself look appealing me, staring at myself in a front-facing camera warped in a carnival mirror im me, i realize i'm always me as a series of cumulative achievements psychic misery to capitalize on my if only there was a way it looks good i check my privilege and in the wine bar bathroom i check my privilege without enthusiastic consent don't tread on me one lost comma usual kisses ordinary eternal undress instead, maybe we could but later holding tight to montreal empty empty storefront “my need is such / i pretend too much” a hysterical statement thinking about face fucking forgetful, we laughed available everywhere beauty products can be found ‘hurricane sandy blonde’ boxed hair dye named after a natural disaster or narcotics and a sedentary life of how i fell in love with the religious image of you a soft novelization perhaps a worthy theme for the book i must write now i am adrift in my apartment, counterbalance of exceptional things nude gesture studies content in our trembling as the practice becomes commonplace yet we must remain evasive a considerable future very demanding but worth the effort giving shape to its yearning painfully honest interference a pleasure to see the whole working ain't that right, tomcat? both, tranquil sometimes the suicide bomber the protagonist, past the end of your myth with your head down authentic when going dark a possible insult see what i’m saying? already needy capability key sky gass blue like photoshop time smoothes everything out of myself in the mirror to get a better view the chair height re-adjusting ‘obsessed’ or otherwise! amsterdam - august green - jouissance - a renaissance - uh - i don’t want - because that’s just who we are! that go soft before eating - and veggies we buy fruits sure, or the void of virtue by virtue or intention of good will given some hint with the lakers game on i labor over pdfs “my friend” or “my brother” calling everyone more malleable i wish i learned the violin when i was younger read, ride bike, go to the beach, sit on the grass quit job, live cheap, excessive or whatever i mean remove what you don't need, edit, revise, cut the fact too uncertain life is too brief start over delete that, feared? i want to be feared i don’t want to be envied after all that is why we're going, drop our stuff off, go to the gallery we'll decide when we get there what time? dinner reservations? it’s for a poem i'm working on describe my face? can you do me a favor and are you busy? the indifference of good men iam lost? ‘i love you, “if i cannot say a letter from you, to me: i would prefer not to no, id rather not worth looking into a slip of the tongue ‘parapraxis and again, i find myself crushed on paper. a protest against mourning for our purposes turning our back on truth to make time pass to disappear, the self-portrait in ruins be truly finished the list will never by definition to classify classifying, equal work because there is no as an unbalanced equation working together with a massive pool of resources allegedly ‘small is beautiful? the necessity of change arguing the scale and a nose bleed epistaxis, betray me even my fantasies foggy, raining, indoor cities a city that loves baseball and drugs by it’s surrounding body of water a city that could be swallowed or built on a fault line is a city my ideal location somewhere shitty winding up knowing me id probably wind up in a hotel self-care and label it as of sierra nevada i could paint the landscapes sounds warm but the city name though i’ve never been there ‘better place’ as a universally accepted sierra nevada still, it’s easier to think of looks like it’s CGI to me with rain on the glass in an industrial landscape vanishing into an office job and admit it to live like a dog i'm too disinterested the tone of my voice or because that's im tired stabbing syntax because if iim speaking directly nude-descending-a-staircase the original this, when you're in love you write the world different ‘the greatest art is to endure’ and complain i buy nikes instead, so, i cannot stop the machine something vulgar in today’s terms the algorithm as virtue poetry flower-pot windowsill-gazing your cynical obsessions doing nothing detox meaning ‘no-place’ utopia, as beautiful as ever the tendency towards the total artwork they tell me freedom isn’t free, memory efficacy, a commune of books and house records to hide the motive by using an abstraction my image must persist various forms of fate, im saying is as strong as the desire to stay here the urge to run away to the east coast and live a ‘simple life’ the absence of trouble ataraxia, i'm not describing gentrification even bars are ruined co-opting vintage dressing down working class theatre my problem is that i put class war before the other concerns. ‘a stupid person’ we owe ourselves to death nous nous devons a la mort people commodifiable non-stop 24 hour tips and tricks david lynch transcendental meditation i close the tab and google see a licensed medical professional and i should probably is cancer under my eye weird discolored bruise like spot webmd says if you squint mother mary magdalene a coffee stain that resembles being spectacular should the proof reveal itself as insurance.aes256 by showering twice a day addressing luxury since we are hysterical about the future to be discreet allow my future punishments cry about it maybe ‘lie down and sleep; reduced to as an omen opposing direction consequence based poetry was the the doctor slapping me and the best criticism i could receive was me crying when i was born my first poem iam talking to myself again and wont let us sleep that barks all night the united states of our dog under our bedsheets where we hug and kiss the dog i'm with you in a one-bedroom apartment alexa, my poetry is repeating itself alexa, is this correct? my mind is made up, there’s going to be trouble working class creative non-violent criminals live forever alexa, after all it is you and i who are perfect not the next world with my clever observations and wordplay when can i go into the supermarket and buy what i need i'm always picking people's pockets with my prose dm me for my premium poetry snapchat alexa, play despacito alexa, always tip 20% january 11th 2020 my poetry is repeating itself because on walls wherever with white out i felt most like a poet when i was writing the word “poet” i refuse to give up my obsession poetry “passive aggressive text messages” trying to not smoke poetry im sorry i love you poetry opportunistic expression poetry ready made poetry meme baiting poetry rule 82. nobody tells the truth on the internet rule 24. every repost is always a repost of a repost. rule 23. copy ‘n paste is made to ruin every last bit of originality. rule 22. copy ‘n paste is made to ruin every last bit of originality. getting old. rule 21. original content is original only for a few seconds before rule 13. anything you say can be turned into something else. rule 12. anything you say can and will be used against you. looking for the right meme for the group chat endless scrolling through instagram at dawn broke, disappointed, anxious googling their names obsessively i saw the best minds of my generation i listen to songs about you baby before i attend a reading plays softly in the background while the song from sonic 1’s green hill zone i imagine reading my poems better match my swoosh to my tie since i'll be spending my time staring at my feet i worry about which shoes to wear i google 24hour teeth whitening solutions before i attend a reading, alexa, i've given you all and now i am nothing